5 Health Benefits of Kales: Why You Should Eat More Sukuma Wiki

Health benefits of kales

Here are the five health benefits of kales and why you need more sukuma wiki in your diet.

Kales are some of the most common and cheap green vegetables. People in East Africa popularly refer to kales as sukuma wiki. Most consumers easily eat sukuma wiki at least twice per week. Some lucky consumers enjoy the vegetable more regularly, especially during the times of economic hardship. But is this vegetable beneficial to your health? The answer is a resounding “yes”. And here are the 5 benefits of kales and why you should eat more sukuma wiki.

Before we go to the health benefits, you need to know that kales are popular vegetable in the same Brassicaceae family as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and radish. It is also a source of income for many smallholder farmers in Africa. Why? This is because it is easier and more affordable to plant, matures faster and does well in diverse climatic conditions. Some common varieties of kales include Collards, Thousand Headed, Marrow Stem, Moss Curled Kale and Ethiopian Kale (Kanzira). Kales do well in particular ecological requirements especially in Africa.

Like all leafy and fibrous vegetables, kales are nutritionally rich and healthy. Most of the health benefits of Sukuma wiki come as a result of the fact that the vegetable has vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A, B, C, E and K. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, manganese, fiber and iron among others. Some of the specific and direct health benefits associated with sukuma wiki are as follows;

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Weight management

Sukuma wiki has low fat and calories and therefore good in weight management. The rich fiber in the kales is good for digestion, lowers cholesterol, keeps your liver healthy and maintains the needed blood sugar levels and balance. The vitamin C in kales also helps in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. This vegetable is also perfect in helping proper digestion and removing cholesterol from the body systems.

Skin health benefits of kales

In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, kales also ensure that your skin radiates both from inside and out. This is because of the rich presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in sukuma wiki. The vegetable also has antioxidants that that protects you from ultraviolet light and provides anti-aging properties.

Eyesight, night vision health benefits of sukuma wiki

The vitamin A that you get from this popular vegetable provides you with a source for eyesight health benefits of kales. The vitamin strengthens your eyesight and enhances night vision.

Immune system health benefits of kales

You need to eat more kales in order to boost your immune system. While consuming more sukuma wiki, you are getting more and more folate. This is one of the B-vitamins that you need to order for your body to be healthy in terms of fighting pathogens. Folate is needed in your bone marrow in order to synthesize more red and white blood cells. What more? It also helps in conversion of carbohydrates to energy and at the same time, helps in the production of both DNA and RNA.

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In addition to boosting your immune, you need folate for proper growth. This is especially during stages of rapid growth for both children and adults. For example, you need adequate amounts of folate during pregnancy, adolescence and also during infancy.

Health benefits of kales
Red Russian Kale

Bone formation and strength health benefits

The calcium and vitamin C in sukuma wiki ensures proper formation, growth, development and strength of bones.  The vegetable also extends health benefits of kales to the flexibility of your joints and cartilages.

In Conclusion

Kales, also known popularly as sukuma wiki, are an important and nutritious vegetable rich in both vitamins and minerals. The vegetable provides a lot of health benefits to consumers. In addition to the five health benefits of kales discussed here, there are quite a number of others that can be added. This is because some vitamins found in kales such as K is good in blood clotting and bone formation. Other compounds still found in kales, are useful in preventing some types of cancer. Let us know some other health benefits of kales that you know of, in the comments below.  Contact us for more.

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