Cooking Pasta for a Large Crowd

Cooking pasta

Cooking pasta for a crowd ought to be your dish of choice in many situations. The most excellent dish to prepare for a crowd is pasta. This is because you can cook as the main dish and easily please the group. Do you want to know the secrets that will help you in cooking pasta for a large group? Preparing pasta should make your life trouble-free when getting ready for a party. If you were asked to prepare pasta for a huge crowd, do not get stressed out. Over the years, I have found an interesting fact. This is that a simply prepared dish will be the one that will be the hit of the party. The old adage of less is more, applies to pasta as well.

I had a Chef that always lived by three ingredients or less rule. When he first told me that our menu would revolve around this, I have to admit that I thought this was a little crazy. As he continued to bless plates with this idea, the theory began to sink into my sometimes hard head. My suggestion to you would be to experiment with some of your favorite local ingredients. While you are at it, please use local and seasonal, not only will your guests appreciate the dish even more, you also will be supporting your local farmer in the process. Here, you can perfect your pasta-cooking skills to become like one of the chefs in the best pasta restaurants in Rome.

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Cooking Pasta for a Large Crowd

Certainly, if you are buying pasta, please get the best you can have the funds for. Making your own pasta is an additional way to cut on costs, as well as the taste is much superior new. Ensure you test out several times to perfect your new ability. Making pasta is a time consuming process, but is well worth the effort. In order to succeed even more, look online or in your favorite cookbook to come up with a recipe that fits your kitchen expertise. Again, try to find local eggs for your recipe. You will be happy at the color the yolks that will make the pasta have a wonderfully beautiful hue.

You can make pasta in large quantities at low cost and in a short period of time. By cooking your pasta al dente, before the party will allow you to finish off the dish by tossing the pasta in your warm sauce without taking too much time away from your gathering. The key to preparing your pasta “al dente” is to cool the pasta down to stop the cooking process. When you are preparing pasta for a crowd this step is indispensable.

Toss Pasta with Olive Oil

Subsequent to draining your pasta, scuttle cool water over the pasta, mixing the pasta to cool completely. Toss the pasta with olive oil and cover before placing in the refrigerator. This process will allow you time to decorate and attend to the details without having to worry about the most time consuming part of your meal. You can keep the pre-cooked pasta fresh in the refrigerator for around six hours. You will need to borrow or purchase the biggest tall pot that will fit six quarts of salted water per one pound of pasta you will be preparing. The pot will need to be tall enough to allow the water to come to a rolling boil and the pasta to move freely without flowing out of the pot. By having enough water will also allow the pasta from clumping together.

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Make your preferred sauce in advance as well, keeping warm until ready to add to your pasta. Toss your balmy sauce with your al dente pasta before taking your stunning bowl of pasta to the table. So next time you’re thrown into cooking pasta for a crowd, enjoy your time. You should enjoy as one should while hosting your own party.

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