Psychological Marketing Theories for your Pub

Psychological marketing theories

You need psychological marketing theories to boost your bar and restaurant profits. In fact these theories are important in all profit-oriented businesses. It does not matter where your business is located. It matters less whether your bar sells only alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, it does not matter whether your restaurant serves high-end or middle-class customers. Humans have a way to respond to all situations. Luckily, this behavioral response to stimuli can be predicted by psychology. If you are looking for a chance to boost your pub, bar, hotel or restaurant business, here are the main psychological marketing theories and studies that will melt down the hearts of your customers and boost profitability.

You must cultivate a genuine motivation in order to attract customers through the door of your bar and restaurant. This is because a genuine engagement will create a positive reputation for your business and therefore boost patronage. Sometimes this process can seem intimidating. However, with these psychological marketing theories and techniques, you are sure to boost your resident marketing strategy.

Psychological Marketing Theories and Techniques: Overview

Understanding a bit of behavioral psychology goes a long way in getting to know how your customers and patrons do the things they do and behave the way they do as far as your bar and restaurant is concerned. Understanding human interactions is vital in making sure that you offer the best that these interactions call for. It will also help you market your bar and restaurant in a different and fancy way. This will not only give you a competition edge but also deliver tons of positive reputation and credibility.

You should not take using psychological marketing theories and techniques as the only way to lure patrons into your establishment. This is far from it! This is because you need to offer great drinks, appetizing foods, great menu, exciting ambiance, fantastic experience and quality customer service.

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Conformity, Social Proof and Social Influence

Every single individual of your current and potential customers and patrons always want to change to be like others. According to research, person is likely to give the same answer to a question when other people are giving it. This is regardless whether the answer is wrong or right. This tells you the reason why patrons flock to where others are flocking to. Other places offering the same are regarded as less popular and therefore shunned.

This is what to do;

  • Get social and online reviews for your bar and restaurant. This is because the reviews will boost your social proof and influence.
  • Engage social influencers to paint your bar and restaurant positively through the word of mouth and mouse.

Fear of Missing Our and the Illusion of Scarcity

Your patrons are always looking for that special drink or food that is available in limited supplies. They might not tell you but this is true. Manufacturers always benefit from this psychological marketing theory and technique. This is for example when they launch a special drink flavor in limited supplies despite having the capacity to produce enough. Would you want to miss out on that special and hyped flavor?

This what to do;

  • Give limited offers and tickets to a special night performance in your bar and restaurant.
  • Give special and free meals or drinks to the first 20 patrons.
  • Create a psychological effect of a risk to lose out, but do not take it too far because your patrons can lose interest.
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Psychological marketing theories

The Emotional, Mare Exposure Theory

If you constantly expose your current and potential customers to your business brand, they are likely to grow positive feelings for it. What if you do this by playing into their emotions? Supposing you tell a great story that resonates with your brand fused into their positive feelings? Doing this is important because they will associate your brand with what makes them happy.

This is what to do;

  • Give a story of what makes your bar and restaurant special associating it with what your patrons like. For example, use sport stories if your customers are into it.
  • Repeat these stories over and over on channels where your customers frequent. For example, share this on social media.
  • Associate great foods and drinks that you offer with being responsible family-loving individuals to give your customers an illusion of identity.
  • Put your brand in front of your customers as much as possible.

Reciprocity in Psychological Marketing Theories

Humans are surprisingly poor when it comes to giving. However, the same humans are shockingly good when it comes to giving back. Your customers are not an exceptional group. This is because they are quite good in giving back when you give them.

This is what to do;

  • Give a valuable something to your customers and you will get huge returns. A glass of wine for a customer after dinner at your place will go a long way.
  • Give occasional promotional offers
  • Give free drinks or dinner for couples or lucky clients in order to motivate them to come back or buy more.
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The Principle of Consistency Theory

Humans always like staying consistent in what they do, think or say. Additionally, people are naturally willing to change from what is unpredictable to what is predictable. This is the same thing when it comes to choosing what to drink or eat, where to go or what to do.

This is what to do;

  • Always offer consistent products and services in your bar and restaurant.
  • If you have a weekend event, a night performance or a weekly giveaway, always make sure that you provide this.

Be predictable in an unpredictable manner. This means that you will always be consistent in offering your products and services even when it seems impossible.

Psychological Marketing Theories: In Conclusion

Psychological marketing theories and techniques can boost your bar and restaurant profits in a manner that is never seen. This is because when you understand human behavior and interactions, you are more likely to offer what they want. However, you also need to ensure that your customers get excellent products and services in your bar and restaurant.

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