Restaurant Menu Idea for a New Profitable Addition

Restaurant menu idea

Restaurant menu idea should bring more profits once you add it to your offering. When you are looking to put a new hotel or restaurant menu idea into operation there are several factors that you need to consider. If you want to be in the same level with the best hotels in the world in terms of their menu, you need to read on. There is much more to the process than just coming up with a great tasting dish!

How to Turn New Hotel Menu Idea into a Profitable Addition

The first thing to look at when coming up with restaurant menu idea is how your current line setup is. You need to assure yourself that the new item will not throw a kink into your flow. Take a good honest look at your line when your operation is at capacity. Focus on one station at a time and see which one is the heaviest hit. Also check which is the one that is bogged down the most. A new hotel menu idea that adds to your strongest station may not be the most excellent idea. This is in terms of your overall operation unless it is replacing something that is also coming off that station. You will also have to consider the prep needs for the item as well.

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More Considerations

Secondly you need to look at your menu mix. This is to check if there is a spot that makes sense for an item. When you look at your menu mix, break out any items you feel would compete with the new item or what spots in your mix may be missing or could be strengthened. If you are thinking about adding a new fish dish chances are that it will draw sales away from your other fish dishes. Make sure you do not add something that will kill one of the current items sales or simply do a replacement.

The third deliberation when adding a new restaurant menu idea ought to be the cost. Yes, I’m sure you are a great chef. And want to show what wonderful creations you can put in front of your guests. But if that plate doesn’t make any money you’re not going to be there long! I’m not a high profile chef, but I could certainly give any of the top chefs out there today a run for their money with my customers. This is for example if I could put a 6 oz. filet of beef topped with foie gras and accented with white truffles for $15.95. Unfortunately 99.9 percent of us work for establishments that have to make money. And so items that do not add to the bottom line just don’t make it.

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Proper Lifting of New Restaurant Menu Idea

You may also have a price point to consider here depending on your circumstance. I always offer my chef strategies in simple terms. Like; “I would like to add a chicken dish to the menu with a price point of $16.95.””

Now you should have an idea of what you need and what cost structures you have to work with. Now you get to be the chef. Remember, being a chef is not the ability to create something that is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s about producing a plate for your customers that they love while producing it under the constraints your kitchen puts on you and your operational bank account demands!

You now have your constraints in place. So now it’s time to make that restaurant menu idea into something wonderful, and price it appropriately!

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