Wine Varietals: What is Wine and Wine Varietals?

Wine Varietals

Wine varietals are some of the most popular drinks. We all love wine and different wine varietals. However, it is always nice to have the right information about what we love sipping around. Wine is the natural product of grapes, or other fruits, and broken down into varietals. It is the process by which the yeast, which forms naturally on the skins of the grapes, and oxygen convert the natural sugars of the juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide bubbles away, what remains is WINE! If you leave carbon dioxide in, then you have Champagne. A varietal wine is that which is primarily made from one single variety of grapes. You can notice this easily because this kind of wine will display this information on the wine label.

Selling the grapes requires you to have the knowledge of the product and be able to communicate to your guests in an unpretentious fashion. It is imperative you know the grape varietals.

Varietals and Styles

Wine varietals have their different styles varying from country to country and winemaker to winemaker. The varietals themselves will be true to their specific characteristics. These styles can be varied from winery to winery, according to the winemakers’ style, but they all will hold true to the varietals. Learning all wines will be difficult at best, but one can understand the certain varietals and be able to comprehend how the wine will taste. There are thousands of wines out in the market, and they change yearly, not to mention more wineries start up yearly. Use the following information as a guide, and you will start to understand how wines can be similar.

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Wine Varietals

Basics about Wine for Lovers of Red and White Wine Varietals

Drinking wine may be pleasurable but at the same time it is wise to have information about the wines you love. Most lovers of wine usually try to gain knowledge about their favorite wine as they know what they are drinking. Wine is an alcoholic beverage, normally produced out of fermented grape extract or other fruit juice. Due to natural isomer of grapes the fermentation process of grape wines does not require sugar, surplus acids, enzymes or other such components. While fermenting wine, you can use various types of yeast. Scientifically, yeast helps in converting the sugar present in grape into alcohol. Depending upon the type of wine that you are manufacturing, you can utilize various varieties of grapes and yeast.

Identification methods of wine are usually straightforward as derive the name of the wine based on the fruit you use for production. For example, you can use apple and berries for wine fermentation. Consequently, a wine made out apple will be ‘apple wine’ and ‘mulberry wine’ and so on. You can categorize these wines in two basic sections; fruit wine and country wine. However, the universe of wine is cosmic and there is a tremendously extensive variety of wines available in the market. This makes it difficult for consumers to select a wine from the elite collection. Hence, classic factor comes into picture. If budget is not an issue then you may opt for vintage wines which are amongst the finest wines available on the shelf. The fundamental factor about these wines is that they are aged wines which improve their quality.

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White and Red Wine Varietals

White wine types go well with food such as seafood, chicken, Chinese cuisines and so on. Conversely cuisines such as beef, lamb, pastas and the like, with red wines make good combination. But quite a number of red wine enthusiasts find good pairings with whichever food type. Specifically, Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines available in the market. You can enjoy it with steak roasts and filets. This is because they are bolder and hold up to hardier foods. A good example of quality white wine type would be a Chardonnay. This is another popular wine from the white wine category. Sparkling wines are wines that have minuscule bubbles that make it effervescent. This is because of the significant amount of carbon dioxide present in it. This carbon dioxide may be an outcome of natural fermentation process.

Wine Varietals

Popular Wine Producers

Some of the most dominating wine producers in the world include the following countries;

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Spain, and
  • United States

The most popular wines are those from France and are mainly exported to different parts of the world. You can enjoy wine during different occasions. This is especially during get-together and evening parties. Quite a number of people also enjoy wine with food on daily basis. This is because wine contains anti aging properties that are beneficial for health. Remember that understanding all about wines may take significantly longer time; however, with fundamental wine information you will be able to choose and enjoy the right kind of wine next time.

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